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Your Average Blogger
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What are you supposed to do when you have your life all planned out in front of you but the people who you love are constantly shutting down your dreams? How are you supposed to react when your own family laughs at the thought of you going to school to be a musician and tells you to have fun living on the streets of NYC while they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I’m so sick of hearing “We buy all this stuff for you, we pay for your lessons, and we send you on vacations! You get whatever you want!”. I would give up all the materialistic items in the world if it meant having my family understand that I don’t care what salary I’m going to make, I just want to do what I love. It sickens me that my dreams area joke to everyone else. 

This has been an awful text post because I’m really bad at putting my thoughts into words. 

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do u think skrillex does weddings 

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